Future Card Buddyfight Fanon Wiki
Partner: Riku
English Partner: Riku
World Kingdom World
Card Type Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 7000 / 2 / 5000
Attribute Partner / Square Enix / Master
"Once we go through, there's no turning back. It's victory...or oblivion. So, ...are you ready? Do you remember before? We stood facing each other on opposite sides of that door. Now we stand side-by-side. Let's go home together this time."
[Call Cost] Pay 2 gauge.
{ACT} Limit:Eternal Session You may only activate this if you have a Keyblade equipped. If both this card and your Items attacks connect, you may pay 4 gauge. If you do, destroy all monsters remaining monsters on your opponents field and deal 5 damage to your opponent!!