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Penetrate as it appears in the rulebook.

"Penetrate" (貫通 Kantsū) is an aggressive Keyword that lets you deal damage when you attack and destroy the opponent's monsters in the center.

It is marked by the text: [Penetrate]


  • If a monster with Penetrate attacks and destroys the opponent's monster in the center, then even if the player uses an ability to prevent that monster from leaving the field (such as Soulguard), Penetrate damage will still be dealt as long as the attack was not nullified.
  • This ability is also possible with a Link Attack. Should the monster in the opponent's center area be destroyed by a Link Attack, damage will be dealt to the opponent fighter from the card with the 'Penetrate' ability only. If 2 or more cards in the Link Attack have Penetrate, each critical from all the cards with Penetrate will be dealt as damage seperately.
  • If the attack target of a monster with Penetrate leaves the field before it is destroyed, Penetrate damage is not dealt.[1]
  • If a monster with Penetrate is given the Counterattack ability, and due to this Counterattack ability, it destroys an opponent's monster in the center, the opponent will not take any damage from the Penetrate ability. Penetrate requires an opponent's center monster to be attacked and destroyed for it to activate. However, Counterattack simply destroys a monster as an effect, and is not actually considered to be 'an attack.'
  • Damage dealt by penetrate is treated as ability damage not damage dealt by an attack.

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