Pirate Cove
Pirate cove.jpg
English Pirate Cove
World Horror World
Card Type Spell
Attribute Stage

No one's been in Pirate Cove since '87



[Cast Cost] Pay 3 Gauge and choose a card named "Decaying Animatronic, Foxy" and place it into this card's soul. Then place the top 3 cards from your deck into this cards soul, shuffle them, and place them face down in this cards soul.

At the start of your opponent's main phase, your opponent selects 1 card from this card's soul and looks at it. If it is not a card named "Decaying Animatronic, Foxy", put it in the drop zone. If it is, take all cards out of this card's soul, shuffle them again, and place them face down into this cards soul. When the only card left in this card's soul is "Decaying Animatronic, Foxy", call it without paying it's call cost. Then destroy this card.

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