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Planning Hero of Great Heroism Leader, Rie
English Planning Hero of Great Heroism Leader, Rie
World Formation World
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 5000 / 4 / 4000
Attribute Planning Hero
A dream I've reached... all because I am a christian I am a hero...
Call Cost Pay 2 Gauge, set 3 cards from your drop zone or hand with <<Formation>> on your field by paying it's cast cost, put 2 cards from your hand into this cards soul and pay 2 life.

Act "Planned Hero Strike" You may pay 2 gauge. If you do destroy all cards on your field with <<Formation>> set and, destroy cards equal to the amount, of cards with, <<Formation>> destroyed! Auto "Truth of a Leader" When this card is attacked put the bottom card of your deck into this cards soul and, the top card of your deck in this cards soul! Auto At the end of your turn put the top 9 cards of your deck into the drop zone. This card's abilities and call cannot be countered! Soul Guard Penetrate