Power of Friendship! Marie
友情の力! マリー
English Power of Friendship! Marie
Kanji 友情の力! マリー
Kana ゆうじょう の ちから! マリー
Romaji Yūjō no Chikara! Marī
World Dungeon World
Card Type Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense 9000 / 2 / 9000
Attribute Mascot (NX)

Let's win this together!
You got it!


If your 《Mascot》 on your center has no souls, this card gets Power-5000/Defense-5000/Critical-1.
After this card attacks, put this card in the soul of a 《Mascot》 on your field, and until end of turn, it gets Power+10000/Critical+1!
[Penetrate] [Counterattack]

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