The wandering beauties appearence in Royal World

During her travels through the worlds, she stumbled upon the royal kingdom of Dragons and heroes. She was awestruck by the land and stayed in this world for a bit, exploring dungeons and fighting demons. However, she accidentally got lost inside of a cave as she met a Princess of that land known as Saraversia. Saraversia in appearence matched Marie to a Tee minus the blond hair for blue. Saraversia told Marie that she ran away from her castle to become an adventurer. Not losing on this chance, Marie asks the princess if she can take her place for a while as the princess agree`s. Her hair now light blue, she took over Saraversia`s life as she was brought home with adornments and cute boys! However, the Prince Noah saw through the ruse and told her out on it. She was evicted from the kingdom as she was taken by a massive dragon. In true hero fashion, Noah saved Marie but then it is revealed that Saraversia was a witch who controlled the dragon. She wanted Marie to be seen as an outcast for Saraversia`s true form to become queen after killing Marie, therefore tricking the public. Marie in her anger at her broken trust from Saraversia shows off her fiery abilites as she attacked with Noah, who became stronger due to Maries bonds with him. The dragon and witch are slain as Marie is brought back a true princess. However, she understands that the shackles of Princesshood, even with all its perks is not the life she desires. She leaves Noah to rule the kingdom as she goes in her new battle attire to new worlds to become stronger, thinking of Noah`s cute but heroic face as she left the world behind.

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