Purgatory Knight, Honorary
English Purgatory Knight, Honorary
Kanji 煉獄騎士よ、栄光なれ
Kana れんごくきしよ、えいこうなれ
Romaji Rengoku Kishi-yo, Eikō-nare
World Darkness Dragon World / Dragon World
Card Type Spell
Attribute Dragon / Recovery / Draw
Author 0123456789 The Great

[Purgatory's Legend Part 1]
It was long time ago when a gate of a dark world opened, and invaders from there attacked our world. We fought and drove them back to where they came from.


You may cast this card if you have an originally size 2 or greater monster on your field with "Purgatory Knights" in its name. You may only cast "Purgatory Knight, Honorary" once per turn.
[Cast Cost] [Drop the top 3 cards of your deck.]
Draw 1 card, and gain 3 life.

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