Purgatory Knights, Jackknife Dragon
English Purgatory Knights, Jackknife Dragon
World Darkness Dragon World
Card Type Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 6000 / 2 / 6000
Attribute Armordragon / White Dragon

Upon entering the Darkness Dragon World, its first action was to cross blades with the leader of the Knights of Purgatory, Demios Sword Dragon. Once the evolving dragon proved its mettle once more, it became a high-ranking commander of the order.


[Call Cost] Pay 1 Gauge & Put 1 card with "Purgatory Knights" or "Jackknife" in its card name from your Drop Zone into this card's Soul.
[Counter] [Act] You may destroy 2 monsters with "Purgatory Knights" on your field and put 4 cards from the top of your deck into the Drop Zone. If you do, call a Size 2 or higher monster from your deck with "Jackknife" in its card name on top of this card, except "Purgatory Knights, Jackknife Dragon" by paying its [Call Cost], then if you have 15 or less cards in your deck, the called monster gains +1 Critical for this turn.

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