Rebellion Bow, Jacquerie
反乱弓 ジャクリー
English Rebellion Bow, Jacquerie
Kanji 反乱弓 ジャクリー
Romaji Hanranyumi Jakurī
World Darkness Dragon World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical / Defense 4000 / 1 / 4000
Attribute Rebellion Dragon / Weapon
Author Artzy Sky

I will not watch my friends fight for me. This time, I will take to the battlefield.


[Equip Cost] [Pay 2 Life]
This card can attack even if you have a monster in your centre.
[Counter] [Act] During an attack on your opponent’s turn, you may pay 1 gauge and discard a <Rebellion Dragon> from your hand. If you do, end the battle. This ability activates once per turn.

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