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This article is about the character. For the card, see Rebellious Dragon, Renegade Dragon.

Rebellious Dragon, Renegade Dragon, nicknamed "Renegade", is a character set to appear in Future Card Buddyfight: Order & Chaos, and the buddy monster of Tamashi Gaen.


Rebellious Dragon, Renegade Dragon takes the form a large violet dragon with piercing red eyes, and black armor on his head, chest, shoulders, pelvis, forearms and shins. He also had a protruding violet horn on his forehead.

Renegade's SD Form is a small, violet dragon with armor on his head, shoulders, back, arms and legs, and has piercing red eyes. He is also said to resemble a small rhino in this form.


In contrast to Tamashi's meek and introverted nature, Renegade is a hot-head with no sense of awareness. He's very loud and cocky but is also very protective of Tamashi.


Tamashi met Renegade when he pulled Renegade as a Buddy Rare card. Despite Tamashi not wanting to play Buddyfight, they're still really good friends and Renegade doesn't mind sitting on the sidelines and helping new players.