English: Reborn Devil Dragon, Vanity Void Destroyer

Type: Monster

Power: 30000

Critical: 3

Defense: 15000

World: Lost World

Attribute: Lostlinker


Lost World's Rebirth - S0245

Flavour Text: "With hope for the future and the world looking bright, we race towards tommorow."


[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]

This card gains power +5000 and defense +5000 for each card in its soul!

[Counter] [Act] Put 2 cards from your drop zone into this card's soul. This ability only activates once per turn. 

"Dimension Door - Rebirth - " After the battle of this card, you may drop 2 souls from this card. Choose 1 card on your opponent's field, drop all souls from that card, and place that card in the drop zone.

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