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Regal Sword of the King, Sauvagine
帝王剣 ソーバジン
English Regal Sword of the King, Sauvagine
Kanji 帝王剣 ソーバジン
Romaji Teiouken Sōbajin
World Legend World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical 6000 / 1
Attribute Hero / Weapon
Author Jesteban360
A legendary sword that is only given to those who have a heart full of nobility.
[Equip Cost] [If you have a <<Hero>> in the drop zone, pay 1 gauge]
If you have four or more <<Hero>> with different names in your drop zone, you can equip other item.
If you have two items equipped, you can attack with those items even if you have monsters in your center.
[Counter]Act】 During the attack phase, if you have 3 or more monsters in your field, you can equip other <<Hero>> item from your hand without paying its [Equip Cost], at the end of that turn put that item into your hand. This ability only can used once per turn.