Renascence Booster 01 is the first Renascence booster released in the Fanon format.


  • Contains 24 new cards (3 BR/4 SP/3 RRR/3 RR/4 R/14 U).
  • Includes further support for Dungeon World, Magic World, Legend World, Generic, and Dual Cards.
  • Each pack includes 7 cards, RR or greater is guaranteed per pack (but no two RRR in one pack).

Card List

Confirmed Cards

Deity-Devouring Wolf, Fenrir
Gale Harbinger, Hraesvelgr
Great Spell, World Renewal
Mission Card "Abrupt Encounter"
Root Courier, Ratatoskr
Rune Cane
Fame & Fetter

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
RB01/0001 RRR
RB01/0002 RRR
RB01/0003 RRR
RB01/0004 RR
RB01/0005 RR
RB01/0006 RR
RB01/0007 R
RB01/0008 R
RB01/0009 R
RB01/0010 Generic R
RB01/0011 U
RB01/0012 U
RB01/0013 U
RB01/0014 U
RB01/0015 U
RB01/0016 U
RB01/0017 U
RB01/0018 U
RB01/0019 U
RB01/0020 U
RB01/0021 U
RB01/0022 U
RB01/0023 Generic U
RB01/0024 Generic U
RB01/BR01 BR
RB01/BR02 BR
RB01/BR03 BR
RB01/S001 SP
RB01/S002 SP
RB01/S003 SP
RB01/S004 SP
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