Revenge of the Mighty Spirit Deity

Revenge of the Mighty Spirit Deity
English Revenge of the Mighty Spirit Deity
World Ancient World
Card Type Impact
Attribute Medium Dragon
Author DepressedDragon

Now you face a Spirit Deity of Power, someone who thrives on pure courage.


You may only cast this card during the final phase while you have a 《Deity》on your field with [Triple Attack]
[Cast Cost] [Pay 3 Gauge]
Choose and use one of the following two. Damage dealt by this card cannot be reduced.
・ [Stand] a 《Medium Dragon》 on your field and it gets Critical +1 & Penetrate, then attack your opponent with that card. This attack cannot be nullified.
[Counter] During your opponent's final phase when they would call or cast a card, for this turn, your opponent takes all damage that would be dealt to you by that card.

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