Rune Yagami

Rune Yagami
Vital statistics:
Japanese name (kanji): 琉祢 夜神
Japanese name (kana): るね やがみ
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: 20XX/03/12

Other attributes:

World user: Legend World
Buddy: Cait Sith in Boots[1]
Items: Decks

Minor attributes:

Other names: None

“Rune Yagami” is one of the major character of Future Card BuddyFight:Blue Flame Of Will. She is a high school student that lived a normal life until she is kidnapped into the Mirror World. That's when Sakaha Otonashi appeared into her life.


Rune has pure red hair tied into a pony tail with a white ribbon. She wears black and white striped t-shirt with white jacket over it, a red and pink skirt, white stockings, and red and white shoes. She has two gold hairpins in her hair, the lower one have a star on it


Rune is a passionate girl and is interested in many things and always try them out. In the  eyes of other peole, She is a ideal lady, she likes sports, learning and buddyfight. She's a decent buddyfighter, but is a terrible deck builder. She alway likes the color red, and is very proud of having her red hair.

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