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S Special Series 1: World on Axis

Japanese Name:





The World on Axis

Release Date:

When it's Done

Next Set:

"S Special Series 01: World on Axis" is the 1st S Special Series released in the Japanese and English format.


Card List

Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
S-SS01/0001 Exiled Moon Dragon, Luna Dragon Monster 5 4 C/1 RRR
S-SS01/0002 Controlling The Axis, Balle Lune “Diablo” Monster 4 4 C
S-SS01/0003 Monster
S-SS01/0004 Solar Rook, Tellian Monster Katana World
S-SS01/0005 Lunar Bishop, Figar Monster Star Dragon World
S-SS01/0006 Timeline Knight, Wythan Monster Katana World
S-SS01/0007 Lunar Knight, Nicro Monster Ancient World
S-SS01/0008 Solar Knight, Vellon Monster Katana World
S-SS01/0009 Timeline Pawn, Regalo Monster Legend World
S-SS01/0010 Timeline Pawn – Denvas Monster Magic World
S-SS01/0011 Time Axis – Recognition Spell Hero World
S-SS01/0012 Time Axis – Designation Spell Dungeon World
S-SS01/0013 Time Axis – Allocation Spell Magic World
S-SS01/0014 Time Axis - Reclaim Spell Star Dragon World
S-SS01/0015 Time Axis - Protection Spell Katana World 4 4 C
S-SS01/0016 Lost Ninja Arts, Solar Dystopia Spell Katana World
S-SS01/0017 Timeline Double Blade – Mirror Item Dragon World
S-SS01/0018 Destruction of Time Axis Impact Darkness Dragon World 2 2 C
S-SS01/0019 The Shining Sun Flag The Shining Sun 1 1 C
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