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"Izayoi...you still are reckless as you where in the past, but...that's why your my little brother that I am proud of!" BY:Otonashi Sakuya

Sakuya Otonashi

Vital statistics:
Japanese name (kanji): 音無 咲夜
Japanese name (kana): おとなし さくや
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: 30/03/1998

Other attributes:

World user: Unknown
Buddy: Unknown
Items: House Work Staff

Minor attributes:


Izayoi Otonashi (Little Brother)

Friends: Izayoi Otonashi (Little Brother)
Other names: The Silver Hair Beauty

Sakuya Otonashi is the is the female main protagonist in the story/fanfic, Future Card Buddyfight: DREAMERS, the world she is fighting for and the deck she is using is still all remain unknown, nobody ever see her buddyfight expect for Izayoi, she is different the her little brother, she is always nice person that always have a smile on her face, she always done things flawlessly, but...she have a hidden thing that hide away form other then izayoi.


Saku (さく、咲)means blossom, Flowering, Ya'(や、夜)means night and Otonashi(音無、おとなし)means 'Soundless' Or 'No Sound', she have the same first name as her little brother:Izayoi Otonashi Her Name means: 'Soundless Blossom Night'


Sakuya Have Dark blue eyes, silver hair, has a long braid on each side of her face with green bows at the ends, she carries many knives and house work things with her. Wears a French maid's outfit with short sleeves, and a white maid headband on her head, she have a watch that use the Roman numerals for 1 through 12 line.


She is a perfect and a nice girl, she does everything flawlessly and always nice to each other, but she is extremely nice to izayoi then other people, she have finish high school and university very quickly, which that makes her a genius at almost everything. she is the opposite of Izayoi, she takes a lot of things seriously, don't want to solve everything by force.


Seeing Izayoi have escape school as she expected, she have decide to bring the letter that she have received form an unknown mask man and give it to Izayoi, because she is worried about Izaoyi creating too much chaos, he have decided to tag long with Izayoi's little journey of his.



  • House Work : She is the master of all house work, every single kind of house work, she can finish it flawlessly.
  • Knowledge : She have finish university before her little brother goes to Grade 7, so her knowledge is very huge.
  • Cooking : She is great at cooking and it is one of her hobbys, she knows all kind of techniques of cooking and styles of it.
  • Reading : One Of Her Hobbys, she can read very fast, her record is finish the <Harry Potter> novel Series in 10 hours.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat : Because she don't want to be underestimated, she have trained at least 5 kind of combat skill and master it.
  • Knife-Thorwing : Her Dream was once become a circus member, so she trained this skill just for fun.


  • Sakuya's Zodiac is Arietis
  • Sakuya's Bloodtype is AB
  • Her Hobby is cooking, housework and reading