Savage Armor, Leviagrus Sword
Savage Armor, Leviagrus Sword
English Savage Armor, Leviagrus Sword
World Ancient World (Fanon)
Card Type Item
Power / Critical / Defense 6000 / 2 / 6000
Attribute Primal Dragon / Shooting Star / Weapon

The savage god blessed the human with his power


You may only equip this if you have a card with "Leviagrus" with 2 or more souls. Equip cost pay 3 gauge pay 2 life [AUTO] "Savage Storm Assault" when your attack deals damage to the opponent your opponent chooses a monster and sends it to the drop zone [AUTO] When you link attack with a card with "Leviagrus" this card gets [Penetrate] and the damage cannot be reduced [CONT] The [call cost] of your cards with Leviagrus in its nake are reduced by 2

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