A league of knights from danger world, specializing in the art of sealing (placing cards face-down into the spell zone). Despite their lack of blatant power they have carved out a niche within danger world and managed to make a small but peaceful society, where the weak need not be trampled by the strong.


Seal Knights focus on "Seal" effects. Similar to how Phantom Thief Draco place the top cards of their opponent's deck into the spell zone as "Magical Treasure", "Seal" places cards from any specified area into its owner's spell zone face-down. "Sealed" cards do not gain any additional information like "Magical Treasure" however.

An important thing to note about sealing cards is that they do not leave the field when sealed, they are moved to the owner's spell zone and flipped face-down (another area on the field). This means effects that prevent cards from leaving the field are useless against sealing techniques, making it a reliable control option against almost any deck.

Seal Knight cards get benefits depending on how many cards are face down on all player's spell zones and from being sealed themselves.


Size 2

Gold Seal General, Leo

Seal Blacksmith, Phaestos

Seal Hunter, Loupus

Size 1

Seal Knights Retriever

Seal Knights Fox

Seal Knights Saberfang

Seal Knights Lynx

Size 0

Deity of Sealing, Mithras

Seal Knight Chinchilla


Sealing of Wrath

Sealing of Gluttony

Release of Power

Seal Knight Meditation

Sealing of Light

Seal Reuse


Spear of Sealing, Longinus


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