"As long as the world remains this way, I will try to stop any injustice from happening." BY: Sentoki Eien

Sentoki Eien


Vital statistics:
Japanese name (kanji): 永遠戦闘機
Japanese name (kana): 永遠銭トキ
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Birthday: 02/02/1999

Other attributes:

Affiliation: Buddy Police
World user: Ancient World
Buddy: Dragon Kid, Ricky
Items: Decks Core Deck Case Skateboard, Buddy Police I.D., a mini illegal monster container, ear communicator

Minor attributes:

Relations: Unknown
Friends: Raging Spirits
Other names: Sen (By the Raging Spirits)

Officer Eien (By the buddy police officers who know that he works for the buddy police)

Sentoki Eien is one of the protagonist of Future Card Buddyfight: DREAMERS. He is an undercover secret agent of the Buddy Police


Sentoki (戦闘機) means fighter in japanese, while Eien (永遠) means eternity, so in regular japanese naming, his name means the eternal fighter.


he is slightly taller than average, has sightly tan skin, amber eyes, black hair swept to the right so it hides his right ear, which has an ear communicator, and a muscular physique which he gained from an extremely balanced diet, parkour, and free running as he usually jumps from building to building to get somewhere (he only uses his buddy skill if he need to land on the ground from a high place or if he's in a hurry). His usual pieces of clothing is a white shirt, black jacket, dark jeans, white socks, and black shoes. he keeps his core deck case, BP I.D. and mini illegal monster container in his shirt.


Cool and calm, he keeps an aura of professionalism with him at all times. He is quick to follow orders and will follow them without any objection. An exception to this rule is when innocent lives are in danger, he will immediately react, even if it goes against orders. He has an especially soft side towards orphans as he is one. Though, he can be seen as a cynic, sometimes thinking that this world is twisted and life is suffering at its best. He's serious when it comes to buddyfighting and usually facepalms when something embarrassing happens, usually when the raging spirits do their introduction. Despite that, he considers them family and will never leave any of them behind. He is also shown to have a hard time trusting others due to his past. He's also very perceptive.




  • Physical Strength: Due to an extremely balanced diet, parkour, and free running, he's has enought physical strength to jump from building to building
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: He knows hand to hand combat from his training in the buddy police
  • Perception: Due to his upbringing, he has a lot of awareness and can even tell a person's feelings and personality from simply a single look in a couple of seconds
  • Infiltration: Due to him being a secret agent, he learned multiple skills related to sneaking in and info gathering 
  • House Work: He lives alone, so he has to take care of the house by himself (the raging spirits are either out or too lazy)
  • Musical Talent: In his spare time, he likes to play the guitar (any kind, but the one he owns is an acoustic), the piano, or the violin and is very proficient in them.
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