Sibyl, "Seraph Exorcism!!"
Sleeve English Sibyl, "Seraph Exorcism!!"
World None
Card Type Impact Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 8000 / 2 / 8000
Attribute Guardians / Deity

[Call Cost] Pay 4 gauge and put a card from your field to the bottom of your deck.

When this card attacks, you may put up to 3 cards from your drop zone to the bottom of your deck. For each card put this way, deal 1 damage to your opponent or put card on your opponent's field to the bottom of his or her deck.

This card can't be destroyed or returned to hand by effect of an opponent's card an its abilities can't be nullified.

[Heal 2] When this card leaves the field, you gain life equal to its [Heal] amount.

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