Silence Sadness! Distortion Punisher!!
English Silence Sadness! Distortion Punisher!!
Kana 悲しくお沈黙!ディストーション・パニッシャー!!
World Darkness Dragon World
Card Type Impact
Attribute Dragon / Shooting Star

(RRR): Everything...will be back to normal...
(SP):return this rotten world to the start!


[Cast Cost] [Pay 5 gauge]
You may only cast this card and use one of the following abilities if your opponent has 5 life or less, and neither you nor your opponent has a monster in the center.
• Deal 5 damage to the opponent!! .
• 【Counter】"Final Counter!!" During your opponent's final phase, you may use this ability when your opponent casts an impact. Deal 5 damage to your opponent!!

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