Sokurai Masuki is a young wealthy boy, who always forced to do as his abusive father says for him to do,which he does,but even though he does that, he breaks two of his father's rules in their household, which is doing anything fun and doing anything to do with BuddyFight. Sokurai somehow had a strong connection when it came to Buddyfight and hearing about on it on TV while secretly watching it in his room and also secretly buy and play BuddyFight even though he is not allowed to.

He is able to communicate with BuddyFight monsters and become one with them for a certain amount of time during a buddyfight using a certain card especially with his Buddy, Doryu, his unique dragon buddy, who is no better than his father since he shows him no respect or even listens to him, and he is very rude, disrespectful, spiteful, hot headed and very aggressive with Sokurai as well as hate being Sokurai's buddy to consider him to be weakling,but later on, Doryu eventually accepts Sokurai as his buddy and it was during a BuddyFight that Sokurai actually wins for the first time.


Sokurai have light blond slightly long hair that are up to end of his neck, light peach pale skin, dark green eyes and his height and weight is very average.

On a regular basis, his attire consist of wearing full black suit with black dress shoes and a red tie.

In school, he wears a black coat with white and red accents on it. Also a white tie with red lines, a white button up shirt, black pants and black shoes.


Sokurai is very kind, sweet, curious and intelligent individual, who is almost completely discipline to his father despite the mistreatment he gets from ever since he was little with his mother,being dead after his birth. He do almost anything to please his father,but at times, he can disobey him when it comes to BuddyFight since he feel like he can be free with no exceptions from it or his father. He is more like his mother, who was very kind, caring, compassionate, loving, sensitive, sweet, gentle and wise,but he does have some of his father's traits as well, which is that he can be very stern, cold, untrusting, strict (on himself). hot-headed, stubborn and intelligent. Aside from all that, he can very insecure, selfless, timid, shy, considerate, serious, overprotective of those he cares for, musical, and he can be scared easily and very hard on himself(at time).


Future Force- Sokurai can use Future Force at will, but his hair does not grows longer and he only emits white aura.

BuddyFight Connection-

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