Soleil Punisher!!
Sleeve English Soleil Punisher!!
Romaji Soreiyu Panisshā!!
World Dragon World / Darkness Dragon World / Star Dragon World
Card Type Impact
Attribute Dragon
Author 0123456789 The Great

Combining the Sun Deity and War Deity's power, the ultimate impact is born!!


You may cast this card if you don't have monster in your center, you have an Impact Monster on your field, and you haven't casted any Impact this turn.
[Cast Cost] [Pay 3 gauge]
Nullify any "do not take damage" effects your opponent applied. Then, deal 5 damage to your opponent!!. This card cannot be nullified, and this damage cannot be reduced. If your opponent's life would become 0 with this effect, it cannot be changed (Unrevivable)!!!

Ability (Japanese)

使()(よう)コスト] ゲージを3払う。

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