Soul Charged Lancer, Aiden
Sleeve English Soul Charged Lancer, Aiden
World Tranquility World
Card Type Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 6000 / 2 / 6000
Attribute Soul Alliance

Hello Eiden, my brother. I will help you along your journey.


[Call Cost] [Pay 2 life]
If you have a card with "Eiden" in its card name on your field, this card's size on the field is reduced by 1, and all cards with "Eiden" in their card names on your field get power+5000!
[Counter]Act】 "Aiden's Precision" You may [Rest] a card on the field. If you do, [Stand] a [Rest] card on the field! You may only use "Aiden's Precision" once per turn.

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