Soulguard rules

Soulguard as it appears in the Rulebook.

"Soulguard" (ソウルガード Sourugādo) is a Keyword that allows cards to avoid leaving the field (destruction, returning to hand, ect.) at the cost of discarding a card from the soul of that card.

It is marked by the text: [Soulguard]


  • Soulguard DOES NOT prevent a card from being destroyed. If a card is destroyed, but stays on the field by using Soulguard, it is still considered to be destroyed and effects that activate when that card is destroyed (such as Penetrate) will still be activated.
  • Cards with Soulguard may be used to pay for call costs or card effects that require cards on the field to be sent to the drop zone, such as the call cost of Fighting Dragon, Demongodol, or the cast cost of Castling. In this case, the cost is considered paid even if Soulguard prevents the card from being sent to the drop zone.(Source)

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