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Spark Feather, Phoenix "Voltage Stream"
火花羽 フェニックス “ボルテージ ストリーム!”
English Spark Feather, Phoenix "Voltage Stream"
Kanji 火花羽 フェニックス “ボルテージ ストリーム!”
Kana スパークフェザー フェニックス “ボルテージ ストリーム!”
Romaji Hibana hane Fenikkusu “Borutēji Sutorīmu! ”
World Zephyr World
Card Type Impact Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense 8000 / 2 / 2000
Attribute Thunder Beast

Burst through like a million bolts of lightning.


[Call Cost] [Pay 3 Gauge & Place this on top of an originally size 1 monster with “Phoenix” in its card name on your field]
When this card attacks, return as many cards as you want on the field to the owners’ hand, call up to two monsters from your hand and those cards get size-2 until they leave the field.
When a monster on your field is attacked, you may return it to your hand.