Spell Rules

"Spell" is a card type used in Future Card Buddyfight. Spells offer a wide variety of effects, such as destroying monsters, supporting your own monsters, nullifying attacks, etc.

Spell Cards' parts

  • Card name: The Spell's name.
  • World name: The World which the spell belongs to.
  • Attribute: Additional category to classify spells.
  • Flavor text: A commentary about the spell. Some Spell does not have flavor text, and some flavor texts offer tips about how to use the spell or the World it belongs to.
  • Spell effect:
    • The Spells usually have one-shot effects, and you may cast any number of Spells as you want. You reveal it to your opponent, apply their effects (pay any costs if required), and then place them in the drop zone. If a Spell has the Set Keyword, it will remain on the field and apply its effects until it leaves the field.
    • If a spell have "Cast Cost", means that you must pay the cost written in order to cast it.
    • Text between ()s is not part of the effect itself, but a reminder text, often used to explain a keyword.
    • There's no limit to how many spells you may cast per turn, however, there are some Spells that are limited to cast only one copy of it per turn, which it is marked by the text: "You may only cast "Card Name" once per turn."

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