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Mayuri Judgement's BD Box

Spirits : Kurumi, Kaguya, Yuzuru, Kotori, Mayuri, Miku, Tohka and Yoshino

Spirit World (スピリット W(ワールド), Supiritto Wārudo) is an unknown world appeared in Future Card Buddyfight New Era. It full details are unknown. The monsters are mostly Spirits just like the name implies but the monsters are unknown, some of the users are only using spells, impacts and items from the world. Later it been corrected by Kurumi that all of the cards are made of spiritual power (霊力, Reiryoku) that been created in all of the worlds (dragon world and other....) through their buddyfight battle and been sent to Spirit World in order to born new cards such as monsters and Items. The logo of the world flag is resemble a squirrel tail.

However, Spirit World also known as the "The world that connects dimensions", in Spirit World, there are many dimensions for each attributes and they all reside within Spirit World. It has exclusive flag cards and has other flags. They are commonly known as "Clan" rather than attribute. Now known attributes are Holy Paladin, Aqua Force, Kagero, Shadow Paladin, Genesis, Neo Nectar, Pale Moon, and Bermuda Triangle. Know more in their represetative pages. Normal Spirit World Cards are normally light teal colored and with butterflies on the top left and bottom-right.

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Play style & Information

Spirit World (Flag) Card EN

Flag of Spirit World (Second)

Spirit World's item users majorly focuses on activating Skill Cards (スキル, Sukiru), a type of card similar to spell however it will only activate on which items it required to use. The Skills Card allows the required item to change shape or form in order to perform an attack to raise their powers or may be critical, like performing an attack. There is also Impact Skill, like Impact Monster and Impacts. The users are allowed to attack the fighter even the center area is occupied if they equipped an Angel Attribute Item with the matching set spells. Most monsters with Spirit Attributes have two effects/abilities allow them to have keywords. The user can nullify the opponent's counter spells or cast with the Set Spells or Impacts.

Mostly Angel Attribute items have many effects depend what Skill Cards they cast, the most notable Spirit Attribute Monster using Angel Attribute item is Spirit Nightmare, Kurumi Tokisaki and Angel of Time, Zaphkiel, an item has 13 skill cards. Angel Attribute items have a difference; a specific monster can equip it other than the player. When an Angel Attribute been equipped to a monster, the monster only increase its power with the item's and the skill cards of that item but that monster will not get the critical of the item.

Most of the Impact cards need to meet to their requirements of items so it could "Act" or to be cast. Most of the monster are quite useful, and easier to win. However using Skills card is also a weakness of Spirit World User, even they have skills card in their hands at the battle if didn't their requirements, the skills can't be activated. Another weakness is Spirit World spent too much gauge in one turn due paying cost for using Skill cards too.

Sets containing Spirit World cards

Booster Sets

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Design of Spirit World's Special Trial Deck Case
Spirit World Deck Case

Associated Fighters

  • Lynné Kazanari
  • Lyrné Kazanari
  • Lynia Kurofuji
  • Millay Shien
  • Clyna Asahika
  • Syrine Tsukigami
  • Naoto Ryugawa
  • Leon Souryu (BF)


  • Ame no Habakiri
  • Ichaival
  • Igalima
  • Shul Shagana
  • Metatron
  • Zadkiel
  • Zaphkiel
  • Camael
  • Sandalphon
  • Rondo
  • Battle Song Genre
  • Irregular Spirit
  • Tsukuyomi


Attributes refered as Clan

  • Aqua Force
  • Gold Paladin
  • Holy Paladin
  • Shadow Paladin
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Pale Moon
  • Neo Nectar
  • Kagero
  • Genesis

"These are the "clans" appeared as Main character's attributes"

List of Spirit World Cards



Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

Size 3




  • First Bullet : [Aleph]
  • Second Bullet : [Bet]
  • Fourth Bullet : [Dalet]
  • Seventh Bullet : [Zayin]
  • Eighth Bullet : [Het]
  • City of Devouring Time


  • Destruction Ice Beam
  • Armor Mode : [Sirion]


  • Transformation Mode : [Kaleidoscope]


  • Gabriel : [March]
  • Gabriel : [Rondo]
  • Gabriel : [Solo]


  • The Sun : [Shemesh]
  • Heavenly Wings : [Mal'akh]
  • Sword of Light : [Kadour]


  • Future Describing



Armor and Weapon Attribute

Angel Attribute

  • Angel of Time, Zaphkiel
  • Angel of Flame, Camael
  • Angel of Hurricane, Raphael [El Re'em]
  • Angel of Huricane, Raphael [El' Na'ash]
  • Raphael : [El Kanaph]
  • Angel of Ice, Zadkiel
  • Angel of Shape-sifting, Haniel
  • Angel of Lullaby, Gabriel
  • Angel of Light, Metatron
  • Head of Angels, Sandalphon
  • Angel of Omniscient, Rasiel
  • Angel of "", Michael


Impact Monsters

Size 2

  • "King" Leo, "Regulus Gatling Impact!"

Size 0

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  • Few of Spirit World's Cards are mainly based on Date A Live anime and Sephirot Tree, Qliphoth Tree.
  • Few of them are based on Constellations, and Anime Fairy Tail.
  • Some of the Skill Cards and Item Cards are based on Symphogear Series's relics and attacks.
  • Tsukuyomi and the other cards are originated from Vanguard.
  • Skill Cards are more than Monster Cards and spells.
    • Most of the skill cards has great powers, even surpassing Impact Card.
    • Like spells, there is also counter skills.
  • Item Cards are mostly cannot be destroyed, only until the game over or the user's will.
  • Spirit World's Impact Cards also included combined attack.
  • The trial decks are mostly named after Goddess.
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