Pastor Cornelius was the parishioner and lead Pastor of the Sosa world local Church. He headed all the royal masses and was loved by all for his kind spirit. However, when Sosa World was destroyed, he sacrificed his life to save the lives of some children one being the Alchemist Poison Witch, Petal. His sacrifice was in vain as she was killed later as one of the last survivors of Sosa.

His love for God died seeing such innocence brutally slain as he then joined the Royal Families spirits to find power among the stars. His journey led him to the planet Saturn, where with his ghostly body made it through the harshness of Saturns gases. He made it to the core as he asked for the power to delier justice to those who wronged his world. His faith truly lost, he was transformed by Saturns gases and rays now affecting him into the shape of a massive dragon. Unable to cope with this, he took most of the rocks from Saturns rings to make his own wings. He then see`s his new power and what he has become as he begins his self retribution.

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