Enthusiastic Relic User, Kirika Akatsuki Symphogear Igalima, Kirika Akatsuki
Symphogear Igalima, Kirika Akatsuki
Sleeve English Symphogear Igalima, Kirika Akatsuki
World Hero World
Card Type Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense 6000 / 2 / 4000
Attribute Symphogear
Author Jesteban360

R: Even if she use one of the most powerful relics with exprience, she don't have much common sense.
Secret: I just wish to leave behind some kind of proof of my existence!!


You only call this card via [Reversal] by the effect of "Armed Relic Gear: Igalima"
This card can attack your opponent even if they have monsters on the center!
When this card attacks, if your have other <<Symphogear>> monster in [Reversal] drop one card of your opponent's gauge, then if you have other two <<Symphogear>> monster in [Reversal], you opponent drop a hand card!
[Soulguard] [Penetrate]

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