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Table of Seven Sins is a fanmade world. Created by Bnoah23. Upon creation, it's concept was that is was based of Christianity's Seven Deadly Sins. They're playstyle consists of using the player's monsters as costs for abilities.


The Table of Seven Sins is unknown to most. A world founded within the deepest parts of Darkness. It was founded by Tsukomo Yasagatsu who had previously become exiled. This world was quite small in the beginning but was revealed that there was another world of the same name, an alternate reality of Table of Seven Sins. Tsukomo had broken a barrier into this alternate world, obtaining new powers. Once revealed to the public, the Table of Seven Sins was deemed forbidden because of how it overpowered the other cards so quickly but Tsukomo was still claimed the only user.

Sets Containg Table of Seven Sins

Known Users


  • Enigma






Size 0

Size 1

Size 2

  • Pseudo-Shadow Enigma, Acedia
  • Shadow Enigma, Envy
  • Shadow Enigma, Pride
  • Shadow Enigma, Wrath

Size 3

Impact Monsters