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Tamashi Gaen is a character set to appear in Future Card Buddyfight Order & Chaos.. He uses Darkness Dragon World and his buddy is Rebellious Dragon, Renegade Dragon. He is the cousin of Kyoya Gaen, the current head of the Gaen Financial Group, but due to being born to the side branch of the family, Tamashi doesn't interact with his cousin, nor hold the responsibilities of the company. He wields a black Core Deck Case with purple trimmings and his Core Gadget is a black tear-shaped jewel.


Tamashi has pale skin, long white hair which he ties into a ponytail with red highlights, and dark red eyes. He wears a black turtle neck, grey slacks and light brown shoes.


Tamashi is a kind and gentle young man, he detest violence and runs away from conflict. Because of his view on violence, he prefers to watch Buddyfights rather than participate, but he still knows the rules of the game and is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Buddyfight.


Tamashi was born into the side branch of the Gaen Family, meaning he's related to the Gaen Family's current head, Kyoya Gaen. Tamashi doesn't mind being in the branch family because he doesn't hold the high expectations the main family. He doesn't interact much with his cousin and has recently begun teaming up with the Buddy Police to look into rumours of a World Ending Device, given by a spy working for Tsukomo Yasagatsu.

Abilities and Skills

Buddy Skill: Tamashi's Buddy Skill is a pair of purple wings the rest on his back, allowing him to fly.