Tatsumaki, Utopia's Commander

Tatsumaki, Utopia's Commander
English Tatsumaki, Utopia's Commander
World Dungeon World
Card Type Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 9000 / 2 / 4000
Attribute Utopic Empire
Author DepressedDragon

[Call Cost] [Pay 1 Gauge & put up to one card from the drop zone into this card's soul.]
While there is a item in this card's soul, this card's attack cannot be nullified if it's attacking alone.
"For Utopia!"[Counter]Act】Pay 1 Gauge and if you do, [Stand] all cards on your field with items in their soul. "For Utopia" only activates once per turn.
[Double Attack][Soulguard]

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