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This template is used to write Decklists in organized tables. The tables are hidden by default to save space in the article using them.


  • Use the "Add other templates" option in the edit Window and search for "Decklist".
  • In the Template's edit window, simply fill the parameters with the following:
    • #11: The deck's name, it used as the Table's title.
    • Color1/2/3/4: Costumize the colors of the table.
    • size 0/1/2/3/unknown: The deck's monsters categorized by size.
    • Buddy: The deck's buddy.
    • Spells: The deck's Spells.
    • Items: The deck's Items.
    • Impacts: The deck's Impacts.
    • Flag: The deck's Flag. If left blank, it will be set as "Unknown".

It is recommended to list each of the cards using *s at the start of each name to keep the lists organized. If any of the parameters is left blank, it will not appear in the table, except for the Flag and Colors, which have default values.


|size 0= *Sample
|size 1= *Sample
|size 2= *Sample
|Spells= *Sample
|Flag= Sample


Flag: Sample

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