Tenth Omni Lord, Yamigedo "Omni Hundred"
十角王ヤミゲドウ “必殺百弾“
English Tenth Omni Lord, Yamigedo "Omni Hundred"
Kanji 十角王ヤミゲドウ “必殺百弾“
Kana じゅうかくおうヤミゲドウ “ひっさつ ひゃく だん“
Romaji Jūkakuō Yamigedō "Hissatsu Hyakudan"
Card Type Impact Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 9000 / 3 / 8000
Attribute Hundred Demons

Behold, this is Yamigedo's true form... as a Omni Lord! The long lost leader has returned to the nine Omni Lords. Unite the nine Omni Lords' powers to create an powerful Impact! Use your true power of the Omni Lords, Yamigedo!


[Call Cost] [Discard one "Yamigedo" card to the drop zone and pay 2 gauges]
"Thunder Mine" 1. This ability only activates once per turn.
[Double Attack][Soulguard]

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