the lost worlds are 4 worlds that were once consumed by the shadows of darkness dragon world. The four worlds have been forgotten by the ages......until now

Plunder world

plunder world is a world of pirates and the myths of pirate lores. the attributes unique to this world are :<<pirate>>

<<sea monster>>

<<ghost crew>>

<<cursed armada>>

<<plunder gear>>

(page for plunder world coming soon)

Zodiac world

this world is a world of <<star bearers>> and other creatures of the cosmos. The attributes of this world are:

<<star bearers>>

<<celestial beasts>>

<<glacticc dragon>>

<<photon warrior>>

<<grand relic>>

(Page for zodiac world coming soon)

Dream world

this world is a world made of the dreams of everyone and itss guardians are the <<dream master>> the attributes of this world are:

<<dream beast>>


<<dream master>>

<<dream armament>>

(page for dream world coming soon)

Phantom world

this is a world of ghosts, demons and anything supernatural. It was once a world corrupted by darkness dragon world where they recruited new purgatory knights. This worlds attributes are:


<<phantom dragon>>

<<demon army>>


<<dark artifact>>

(page for phantom world coming soon)

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