The epic tale of Marie continues, in the cutie filled HOLY WORLD!!

After traveling through the darkness to explore and find new worlds, she stumbled and fell into the legendary Holy World. The world, filled to the brim with angels and Divine beings did not suit her as she was a land being. She kept falling and falling until she landed on another Angel. Roxy. Roxy was a rookie solider who was training to join the Holy Knights, an elite group of angels who are tasked with protecting the realm. She feel on her while she was training as the two fought for a while while Marie clinged to Roxy. Roxy then was able to find her a training set of wings for her to use as she helped Roxy train for the knights with her many forms. In no time the two are equals as Roxy`s fighting skills can go tow to toe with powers from a multititude of worlds as the two bonded with eachother through their combat.However their friendship was put to a brutal test as the officer of the knights, Tanzus, was growing attracted to the angel Marie as he makes the Angel Roxy decide over her dream or friendship. Roxy chose the dream first as she helped in a plot to kidnap Marie. She lured Marie to a fountain as Tanzus pushes her head into the fountain to drown in order to fall unconcious. He then dyes her hair white and changes her attire to match a normal Holy World member. For days the evil Tanzus made her a normal slave as Roxy forbid him from doing anything to her. For days and days on end, Marie was tortured and misused by Tanzus to the breaking point as Roxy could not take it anymore. She fought Tanzus in public and showed Marie to the people to prove her case. With Tanzus`s status, no one believed her at first but many other Angels stepped up to prove Tanzus`s criminal ways. Tanzus in an act of desperation lunges towards Marie as to protect her, Roxy steps into her place and takes a brutal hit. Roxy is knocked out believed to be dead. As Marie awakens, she see`s her lost friend as her rage and power from her training in Holy World gave her the ability to sprout real wings as she takes out Tanzus once and for all. Roxy was then hospitalized and recovered weeks later as Marie for her deed in enduring and fighting Tanzus was given the high honor of Holy World as `` A Princess`. Her first request as A princess. Make Roxy a Knight

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