The Shining Sun The Malevolent Moon
The Malevolent Moon
English The Malevolent Moon
Kana 悪意のある月
Romaji Akui no aru tsuki
World Lunar Dweller
Card Type Flag
Author SeveraZero

You may use 《Solar Denizen and Lunar Dweller》 cards, but may only play《Lunar Dweller》 while this flag is face up.
This flag cannot be flipped face-down by your opponent’s card effects.
“Falling Moon” At the start of your opponent’s attack phase, if you have a 《Lunar Dweller》 monster on your field, for the turn, all cards on your field get defense+10000!
At the end of each player’s turn, you may drop a hand card. If you do, flip this card to its other side.


Q1) I have a 《Solar Denizen》 monster in my hand and my flag is <The Malevolent Moon>, can I call the card from my hand by paying the [Call Cost]?
A1) No. While the flag allows you to have 《Solar Denizen》 cards in your deck while your flag is <The Malevolent Moon>, you cannot play them due to how the flag is worded. You can only play cards with the 《Lunar Dweller》 attribute with the flag <The Malevolent Moon>. This also applies to Spells as well.
Q2) I am using the flag <The Malevolent Moon> and I use the card's ability to flip the card over to <The Shining Sun>. I also have a Lunar Pawn, Luta on my field. When my flag flips over, what happens to that monster?
A2) The monster is immediately put into the drop zone, as that card cannot be used with your current flag. Unless the card has the 《Solar Denizen》 attribute as well, the card is sent to the drop zone at the end of your turn. Cards with both 《Solar Denizen》 and 《Lunar Dweller》 are allowed to be on the field since they have the corresponding attribute to the flag you are using at the time.

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