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The Mighty Sun Fighter
Bal with all of Gao's Buddies.jpg
English The Mighty Sun Fighter
World Dragon World
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 30000 / 3 / 3000
Attribute Armordragon / Sun Dragon / Thunder Empire
The Mighty Sun Fighter isn't supposed to protect people. The Mighty Sun Fighter is what people become, once they've freed the sun's power in their hearts, and follow their dreams!
This card can only enter the field if there is a card with "Drum", "Bal Dragon", or "Batzz" in its card name on your field or drop zone.
[Call Cost] [Pay 5 gauge].
During your turn, this card on the field cannot be destroyed.
When this card enters the field, if a monster on your opponent's center has souls, nullify all abilities of all monsters on your opponent's center, drop all of its souls, put them all into the drop zone, and you gain 3 life.
When this card attacks, your opponent cannot use [Counter]. This ability cannot be nullified.
[Overturn] For this turn, all cards on your field get critical+3!!
[Overthrow] [Pay 1 gauge during your turn] Call any number of monsters from your deck without paying their [Call Cost], and until they leave the field, their size becomes 0!!!
[Quintuple Attack] [Penetrate] [Dragonify] [Pay 4 gauge and 2 life] (If you do, equip this card from your hand, and it is treated as an item.)