The Unwilting Strong Memories
Sleeve English The Unwilting Strong Memories
Kanji 枯れない強い思い出
Kana かれないつよいおもいで
Romaji Karenai Tsuyoi Omoide
World Generic
Card Type Spell
Author 0123456789 The Great

[Cast Cost] [Take 1 damage & Drop 1 card from your hand]
Search your deck for up to one Item and a card named "The Shining Pride", add them to your hand, and shuffle your deck! You may only cast "The Unwilting Strong Memories" once per turn.

Ability (Japanese)

使()(よう)コスト] 君にダメージ1&手札から1枚を捨てる。


  • This card's name is based on a lyrics from "RESISTER".
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