Thunder Deity X Tempest Punisher!!!
Sleeve English Thunder Deity X Tempest Punisher!!!
Kanji 雷神X天パニッシャー!!!
Kana らいじんばってんパニッシャー!!!
Romaji Raijin Batten Panisshā!!!
Thai เทพสายฟ้า X เทมเปสต์ พันนิชเชอร์!!!
Card Type Impact
Attribute Thunder Empire / Dragod
Author 0123456789 The Great

Combining the thunder emperor and the war deity's might. The true ultimate impact trembling the earth and heaven; Tempest Punisher!!


You may cast this card if neither player has monster in their center, and you have a size 2 or greater monster or a card with power 10000 or greater, that was called or equipped this turn on your field.
[Cast Cost] [Pay 5 gauge]
Deal 5 damage to your opponent!! This turn, if your cards have attacked five times or more, deal 10 damage to your opponent instead!!!
This card cannot be nullified, the damage cannot be reduced, and if your opponent's life would become 0, it can only be changed to no more than 2!! (Revivable)

Ability (Japanese)

使()(よう)コスト] ゲージ5払う。

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