Thunderstorm Feather Volley!!
English Thunderstorm Feather Volley!!
Kanji 雷雨羽斉射!!
Kana サンダーストームフェザーボレー!!
Romaji Raiu-wa seisha!!
World Zephyr World
Card Type Impact
Attribute Thunder Beast

A heavenly phoenix shall release blades wind of sky.


You may only cast this if the total size on your feld is 1 or less and you have a monster on your field with "Phoenix" in its card name.
[Cast Cost] [Pay 4 Gauge]
Return all cards on the field that are not <Thunder Beast> to their owner's hand and deal 3 damage to your opponent! If the total number of cards returned to their owner's hand is four or more, deal 3 damage to your opponent!

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