Thunderstruck Mermaid, Ashley
雷鳴マーメイド アシュリー
Sleeve English Thunderstruck Mermaid, Ashley
Kanji 雷鳴マーメイド アシュリー
Kana らいめい マーメイド アシュリー
Romaji Raimei Māmeido Ashurī
World Legend World
Card Type Monster
Size 2
Power / Critical / Defense 7000 / 2 / 4000
Attribute Mermaid

Zip! Zap! Gotcha!


If you have another 《Mermaid》 on your field, this card on your field gets size-1.
When this card appears on the field, draw a card and add the top two cards of your deck to your gauge.
[Counter]When this card attacks or is attacked, you may pay 1 life, 1 hand card, and 1 gauge. If you do, return all monsters with Power less than this monster on your opponent's field to his or her hand. If your opponent returned two or more monsters, your opponent drops hand cards equal to the number of monsters returned.

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