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"Transform" ((へん)(しん) Henshin) is a keyword. It allows, after paying a cost, a player to equip a monster from the hand or the field and have it be treated as an item. Transforming is considered the same as equipping an item. As well, 1 life may still be gained via buddy gift if the card is a buddy. Transform and Ride are (effectively) the same ability, with the only difference between the two is their respective support cards.

It offers the advantage of monsters having defense to protect the player against direct attacks while keeping their properties and abilities, and because they become items they don't count toward's the player's size limit and are immune to monster destruction effects.

Transform is commonly given to 《Superheromonsters, though there are a few exceptions.

It is marked by the text: [Transform] [cost] (If you pay the cost, equip this card from your hand or monster space, and this card is treated as an item instead of a monster.)


  • Even if Transform was nullified by card effects like Oberon or Frozen Stars, the card you are Transform into is still treated as an item.

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