Turbulence Thunderstorm Emperor, Barlbatzz "NX"
乱流雷皇 バールバッツ "NX"
Sleeve English Turbulence Thunderstorm Emperor, Barlbatzz "NX"
Kanji 乱流雷皇 バールバッツ "NX"
Romaji Ranryū Raikō Bārubattsu "NX"
World Dragon World
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense / 2 / 10000
Attribute Thunder Empire / Dragon

The power flowing through me... Is the power of "NX"?


[Call Cost] [Put a card with "Batzz" in its card name into your drop zone]
[Overthrow] [Pay 1 hand card and 4 gauge] For this turn, none of your cards can be destroyed by card effects, all of your monsters' size becomes 1, get Power+100000, critical+1, and [Triple Attack]!!!

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