Hello people, I am relatively new to this wiki, but I am an avid Buddyfight player and extremely fond of creating new cards (I've been into fan card creation ever since my Yu-Gi-Oh days, and have been involved in it in every single card game I've played)

Speaking of which, the games I'm currently playing are: - Yu-Gi-Oh! (sparsely though, I've lost interest in this one) - Cardfight!! Vanguard (again scarcely, G-era killed most of my interest) - Battle Spirits (my personal favorite) - Future Card Buddyfight (of course!) - Hearthstone

...and others, but these are my five main ones at the moment.

When it comes to making fan-made cards, I like diversity, I make everything from singles supporting pre-existing cards or archetypes, to full-blown new card types altogether. I already have a ton of fan cards for Buddyfight, but I will be refining and posting them here slowly. I will be using this profile as a table of contents for my cards.

Lastly, you probably won't see me using any images for any of my fan-made cards (with very few exceptions). I just don't think aesthetics is as important an aspect as design, innovation and balance, and image-hunting is not something I enjoy doing (nor do I have any talent for creating art of my own). So, yeah.

My Collections

Sheng Xiao

Core (series)


Dragon World

Darkness Dragon World

Dungeon World

Legend World

Star Dragon World

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