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Salut, people of the wikia! Since you've come to this page, I'll assume for convenience that you've come here to get to know me more if you're not just passing through!

For those who'll actually be taking the time to read this, you can call me Axellion if you don't want to call me by my username, and as for information that might help you get to know me, I'm honest, I guess? I talk a mile a minute, and I've been told by friends who didn't know me before they met me on the sites that I have only just come to be a part of that I sound like Iida Tenya from My Hero Academia over OORP text sometimes. (it's a relatively recent development that came about after I watched the anime, began to look up to Iida as a role model and then began to emulate his best traits without really realising it) I don't really know what else to say about myself without sounding like a total egotist, but I like card games, psychology, and relatable characters and inspiring messages in media. Which is probably why I adore animes about kid stuff like Beyblade and BuddyFight. Good god, I adore characters driven solely by a youthful, innocent wish to do what's right and to have fun. It gives me hope for humanity.

In terms of hobbies, I like to play card games when there are people around to play card games with (so far, I have 0 friends who I can just all up and ask to fight me), I like to write stories, and I like to watch anime and read books and then take at least 30 minutes to deeply reflect on what I experienced through that particular piece of media. Whew, hypothetical realism and lessons learned only through introspectiveness!

So yeah. Being an ambivert who loves creativity and casual social games and activities, I'd like to ask everyone who gets this far through my page to not be surprised if I suddenly am present in, say, an RP thread. I know I'm not around here as much as I used to be, but I've been in the mood to reconnect with things, so I might be back around.

Anyways, a plus, friends and friends I've yet to meet! And see you around the wikia. (^_^)

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