Guardian Fira

aka Figure it out

  • I live in Manchester, UK
  • My occupation is Working on it
  • I am Male

Just leave me alone and I wont hate you.

Hey. Not sure how much stuff I need to put down to allow everyone to know me, but I'll put down the relevant info.

I'm currently playing Buddyfight as my only enjoyable pass time. I also recently found out that my catchphrase is in fact; 'Fair Enough'. Though recently, I took up writing Fanfics to keep my mind sharp and appeal to any story lovers. Anyone who wants to read any chapters can connect to them here:

Chapter 1:!_Chapter_1:_Luminize!_So_it_begins!

Chapter 2:!_Chapter_2:_Friends_and_Rivals

Chapter 3:!_Chapter_3:_Another_Story

Chapter 4:!_Chapter_4:_Magic_VS_Dragons

Chapter 5:!_Chapter_5:_Dangerous_Rumors

Chapter 6:!_Chapter_6:_Uniting_for_Sign-Ups

Chapter 7:!_Chapter_7:_Dark_Memories

Chapter 8:!_Chapter_8:_Round_1!_Stardust_VS_Armoury

Chapter 9:!_Chapter_9:_Truths_revealed!_Round_2_is_up

Chapter 10:!_Chapter_10:_Blackout

Chapter 11:!_Chapter_11:_Sorin_VS_Tengu!_Demonic_Return

Chapter 12:!_Chapter_12:_Worlds_Unite_take_the_stage!

Chapter 13:!_Chapter_13:_Blazing_a_Path

My decks


Dragon World: Jackknife Evolution!

Dragonic Formation (Chess)

Danger World: Armorknights

Dungeon World: Demon Lord

Magic World: Wizard / 72 Pillars

Want to build:

Dragon World: Blue Sky Knights, Shinsengumi

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