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Axia and Roa. <3

Hello there, my name is Alec. I have plenty of ideas for custom cards, whole worlds, fanfics, and characters, so I tend to brainstorm a lot. I hope I can fit in here good!

While difficult to say, I tend to hide my feelings, even to those close to me, in favor of acting calm and peaceful, while often wearing a false smile. Though I truly care for my family, I dislike becoming too close to many people, as it tends to lead to unnecessary bonds and feelings. I still have friends, but only friends that I am close enough to know them well and be friendly, but just distant enough to never form any permanent or lasting relationships.

I am very kind to people, but only if they are a decent person at heart. In most matters I speak with calmness and deep authority. I have a slight tendency to be overly melodramatic, making long-winded speeches, often exaggerating fake rage or sorrow with wide sweeping arm movements and hand gestures (like many villains).

I am not very impulsive, but I can be quick to anger. I have been known to also be short-tempered, aggressive, the kind of person who stands their ground. I can also be arrogant, confident, and cocky. With a devil-may-care attitude in terms of recklessness, I can be rightfully selfish in certain intervals, but not selfish to, in the end, concede defeat if I don't deserve it. I am presented as the type to not just let things happen, to twiddle his thumbs and wait when there's something about himself he doesn't comprehend.

I constantly rebel against what I'm told is my "place" and am a strongly independent individual. On the other hand, I tend to be ironically melancholic and apathetic, solemn and distracted, especially as I come to realize truths about myself, or in other points when I'm confused or lost. I also have little patience for people who seem to be bending my will or trying to confuse me. I don't have an extreme lust for life either, not taking everything in with a bright outlook, but I do wish and desire the best of my own with fervor.

The reason I try to be as accurate about myself as possible is because I believe that everybody has the right to know the real me, not just some false image of myself.

My OC, Roa Ciel.

...Anywhowatzits, I like writing fanfics, and reading other people's stories is how I love to kill time. Nice ta meet you!

My favorite pages

A chibi version of Roa.